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Free public records search is the theme for this site,
we have been in the
free search "business" a long time,
looking for public records is what we do.

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Over the years have seen many sites that advertise that you can find people free or get a free county jail inmate search, but then try to sell you the information or search software that actually contains nothing but useless tips and links to sites like this one.

Our purpose is to provide a free people search with links to other free public records that can be accessed on the internet and crowd out, through search engine optimization and advertising, the sites that do nothing but advertise at you and waste your time. One method is doing an address lookup, get the locations of the person(s) and focus on that area. Some courts have records spread out but most centrally located or we put them together in lists.

We realize that the free public records searches we provide may not get the best results, but they will get you closer to find people for free or getting free public records, which combined, may get the results you want or more answers.  Some of the free searches do lead to sites that can get actual public records, but for a fee. We have checked them out personally and found them to be reputable...when all else fails, if you just have to know something, well, you know where this is going...enough said.

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